Need Achievements? Tales of Maj’Eyal Has 1,225 of Them

Posted on December 13, 2013 4:09 PM by Rob Williams

Because the rate at which games get released on Steam has been ramped-up so much over the past year, I generally make it a point to visit the site once a day to check out what’s new. I’m not a big indie gamer, I admit, but every so often a title will catch my eye that I just have to check out. One example is Tales of Maj’Eyal, a game I had to check out for the ridiculous reason of “it has a neat name”.

As it turns out, Tales of Maj’Eyal isn’t a brand-new new game, but it is new to Steam. It can actually be played for free if you want to go to the official website and download it there, but buying it will net you a couple of neat perks, and of course, the pleasure of supporting the hard-working developer.

Tales of Maj'Eyal

If you’re an achievement hunter, there’s another good reason to pick the game up on Steam: It offers the highest number of achievements of any game on the service. 1,225, to be exact.

In second place for the most achievements might be (it’s hard to tell given Steam doesn’t allow you to sort by the number of achievements) Champions Online, which has 713. Tales of Maj’Eyal upped that by about 70%.

Tales of Maj'Eyal Achievements

Looking around the Web at reviews of the game, it becomes clear that the game actually is very good, should you be into roguelike games. Rock, Paper, Shotgun exclaimed, “If you didn’t download TOME immediately then please do so now, unless you’re at work, in which case it’s acceptable to wait until your lunch break. Take your lunch break immediately.

One of the reasons TOME has so many achievements is that it offers the same achievement multiple times, but each is based on difficulty. The developer did this because the gameplay changes dramatically simply by a difficulty change, so the achievement would in fact feel deserved.

Whatever the reasons, it’s kind of impressive to see a game sport that many achievements – especially when, to date, I’ve only unlocked 1,168 achievements on Steam, across my entire library.

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