Netflix Rumored to Gain Social Features in 2013

Posted on December 26, 2012 10:30 AM by Rob Williams

It would seem inevitable that a major Web service like Netflix would have a variety of social-related features, but because of a law that prevented the company from being able to share a user’s video history, such features have been stifled. With the passing of an amendment to that law made last Friday, however – an amendment that Netflix itself had backed – the company is planning to roll out certain social features next year. And not a moment too soon, really.


Currently, users of certain Netflix apps have the ability to share what they’re watching, but that functionality seems to hit a wall when it comes to more advanced sharing, such as your viewing history. With this law amended, people will have the ability to share their personal viewing history all they want. Likewise, those who want to keep that private will undoubtedly have the option to.

This could be the start of making Netflix into a sort of video-related Facebook. It sounds intriguing, so I’m looking forward to seeing all of what the company has up its sleeves.

  • Kayden

    Who wants every one to know what you are watching on Facebook, Twitter and ever where else? Netflix! Seriously, this is a dumb idea to me Rob. If any one wants to talk about movies they are plenty of convenient spots do this. I see this as a way to set default privacy information to public and allow advertisers to target ads directly to each person, how fun is that?!? Who gains from this you ask? Well, Netflix, this would be a win for them in revenue, especially since they have had so many issues maintaining profits for the past several years.

    • Rob Williams

      This is just the digital social lifestyle a lot of people like to live. On Facebook, I usually know what someone had for lunch that day. Some people just like to indulge everyone else in their every move, so Netflix is catering to that.

      Netflix already offers a Facebook app that allows people to share what they just watched, so I expect whatever the company will unveil will go much deeper than that, possibly becoming a Facebook of sorts for the service. There’s already quite a bit of social services there already (commenting on videos, for example), so I’m still interested to see what’s in store.

      For me, nothing will change. It might help I almost never watch movies though ;-)

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