Newegg Becomes Latest Retailer to Begin Accepting Bitcoin

Posted on July 3, 2014 8:30 AM by Rob Williams

To say that Bitcoin’s year so far has been eventful would be a gross understatement. There’s been some unfortunate events, such as Mt. Gox’s closure and the reveal of the wrong Satoshi Nakamoto, but thankfully, there’s been far more good, such as the growing list of retailers adding Bitcoin as a payment option.

The latest retailer to join the club? None other than PC goliath Newegg. The company announced the payment addition through its Facebook page and also main website – the latter of which features a splash graphic on both sides of the site.

Newegg Accepts Bitcoin

It should be noted that Newegg isn’t going to actually be in possession of Bitcoins; instead, it’ll rely on processor BitPay. This means that the risk for Newegg is pretty much nonexistent, as the fluctuation in the value of Bitcoin simply won’t affect it. What this does prove, though, is that it’s very easy for any service provider to add Bitcoin as a payment option.

Newegg is only the latest in a long list of etailers that have begun to accept Bitcoin. Recently, travel site Expedia added the currency as a payment option, and so far, the results have been exceeding original estimates., DISH, and 1-800-Flowers are other notable companies that recently began accepting Bitcoin, or will soon.

At the moment, Newegg’s international sites don’t accept Bitcoin, but the company has noted that in time, it’ll expand the payment option to its other storefronts.

  • ET3D

    Pity they didn’t do that before. I already spent the few mbtc I had at the Bitcoin Store, which has fewer products, and they’re often not in stock (even when the site says they are).

    • Rob Williams

      Well, at least the company finally bit the bullet, so you can take advantage of it next time. It seems really odd that it’s taking so many etailers so long to implement it. The risk is pretty much nonexistent, and Bitcoin enthusiasts will love you.

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