Nintendo’s Non-foldable 2DS Plays All (3)DS Games, Is Priced at $129.99

Posted on August 28, 2013 4:48 PM by Rob Williams

This truly feels like an April Fools’ joke, but given today’s date, and the fact that it’s set for an October 12th launch, Nintendo’s 2DS (via: Ars Technica) is certainly real. Unlike Nintendo’s flagship handheld, the 3DS, the 2DS rids 3D capabilities, sticks to a fixed, flat design (it can’t be folded), and costs $40 less, settling in at $129.99.

Nintendo 2DS

At first, this might seem like an oddball release by Nintendo, of which the company has had many, but I actually believe this to be a great release – aside from the fact that the thing can’t be folded, that is. As someone who falls into the 1% or so of people who can’t see stereoscopic 3D, I’ve had no interest in upgrading my DS Lite to the 3DS. A console like the 2DS would be far more appealing if I needed a new DS, especially given its very affordable $129.99 price-point.

Nintendo 2DS Blue

Ridding the 3D feature of the DS is undoubtedly one of the reasons that pricing is being kept so low, but US Gamer claims that another reason is because it features just a single screen – it’s the chassis that breaks things up. This would explain the lacking ability to fold the device, so I’m willing to jump on board with that theory.

In the 2DS’ box you’ll find the console, a 2DS stylus (which appears to be identical to previous DS stylus we’ve seen – or is it stylii?), an SDHC card, AR cards, and a power adapter. Quite a bit of kit for $130.

Sigh. I want one.

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