Not Quite a Phablet: Samsung Announces Galaxy ‘Mega’ 5.8 and 6.3

Posted on April 11, 2013 4:16 PM by Rob Williams

That 4-inch phone a bit too small and that 7-inch phablet a bit overkill? Samsung has got you covered with its just-announced Galaxy megaphones – er, “Mega” phones. Coming in two flavors, the smaller of the two comes in at 5.8-inches whereas the other boosts things to 6.3-inches. Both feature a dual-core SoC (the specific one is not mentioned), but the bigger phone bumps the clock speed up to 1.7GHz from 1.4GHz. As you’d expect, both models pack Android 4.2.

Samsung Galaxy Mega Phones

These phones are interesting for the all-too-obvious reason: Samsung just released models that fit directly in between the smartphone and phablet form-factors. So what do we call these, exactly? In-betweeners? Regardless of your thoughts on them, they’re only available in Europe and Russia for the time-being.

Pricing and exact availability have not been announced yet. You can read more on the phones in the form of tech specs here (5.8″) and here (6.3″).

  • e550mercedes

    Samsung makes some nice phones, but this bigger-is-better business is getting just plain silly.

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