NVIDIA Sponsors Event to See Colleges Go Head-to-Head in CoD: BO II

Posted on November 16, 2012 8:00 AM by Rob Williams

Well, this is a bit different. NVIDIA, who has been a good supporter of Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II, has just unveiled an interesting event that sees some of the country’s leading colleges go head-to-head. These teams will consist of four people each, and so far includes Cal, Standford, UCLA,  USC, UNC and NC State. Two other spots are left blank, requiring people to vote for whichever college they’d like to see there.

Interestingly, NVIDIA is giving people a way to increase the number of votes that gets added to their first. If you purchase Black Ops II, you earn 5 extra votes. If you purchase any GPU higher than a GeForce GTX 650, you earn 10 extra votes. I admit this is an extremely strange way to earn extra votes, but it’s not as though someone who had no intention of buying either are going to do so just for the sake of extra votes. Or at least you’d think. 

This is what NVIDIA has to say:

We will be celebrating its release by launching the first-ever “GeForce GTX Call of Duty Rivalries” competition which pits top colleges against each other in Call of Duty: Black Ops II four-person, last team standing multiplayer matches.  Participants in the first round of competition include the storied rivalries of Cal vs. Stanford, USC vs. UCLA and UNC vs. NC State. Two additional wildcard colleges from any accredited college in the United States will also be chosen by the Facebook community to field teams.  See details onGeForce.com or visit NVIDIA’s Facebook page on how your readers can walk away with a Maingear gaming rig.

You can head on over to the official site and cast your vote for the wildcards and also which teams from the initial six you believe will win their respective round. 

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