NVIDIA to Hold Tegra Developer Conference in May

Posted on March 30, 2011 8:40 AM by Rob Williams

Since the fall of 2008, NVIDIA has been holding an annual conference called NVISION where developers and others can hook up and delve into the latest technologies that the company offers, while also receiving important tech-bits to help them go back to their office with a fresh outlook on things and with improved skills. But what about holding a conference that’s just a bit more specific? Perhaps one that revolves around a certain mobile chip?

Of course, I am talking about Tegra, and yes, there’s just such a conference upcoming. Called “Tegra Developer Conference”, this one-day event is linear in design and spans a mere 4 hours or so. During that time, NVIDIA will talk about its Tegra roadmap, “Tegra Zone”, developing and porting games over to Android, and also allow select partners to talk about their games, engines, and other technologies.

Though a rather small affair compared to NVISION, it’s clear that NVIDIA doesn’t want to waste time to get to Tegra through to mobile developers. I’ve yet to use a Tegra-enabled device for a long period of time, but from what I hear and have read about, there’s huge potential to be had in a simple handheld. And theoretically, with NVIDIA’s expertise in graphics, the most impressive games on the market should be on a Tegra device.

It will be interesting to see if this small event will prove to be a big success or not, because if it does, we might well see an even larger event next spring.

On May 9th 2011, prepare to fill your brain with everything you need to know to help bring the future of mobile gaming to Android. Whether you’re developing racing games, sports games, or even role-playing games, NVIDIA® Tegra™ delivers the best development experience and the fastest graphics performance.

Source: NVIDIA Tegra Developer Conference

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