NZXT Double Feature: H440 Chassis and Ducky/NZXT Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboard

Posted on January 16, 2014 12:23 PM by J.D. Kane

NZXT has announced its newest PC chassis, the H440.

The new H440 heralds a somewhat revolutionary approach to PC chassis design. Governed by a desire to make a PC build “seamless and beautiful,” the H440 is specifically designed to eliminate the unsightly cable clutter that blights most PC builds.

For one thing, the H440 completely eschews 5.25″ optical drives. It’s a simple idea, really: By doing away with the capability to install these increasingly archaic devices, NZXT eliminates the power and data transmission cables to and from the optical drives.

NZXT H440 Chassis - Side

But the design tricks don’t stop there. An integrated power supply shroud not only helps hide cables from the PSU, it also aids in cable management, all in the name of hiding unsightly cables from view. The power supply shroud also features an integrated pair of SSD mounting trays, with cable cut-outs carefully positioned to hide the power and data transmission cables.

The H440 can host up to eight 3.5″/2.5″ storage drives, so end users won’t be lacking for storage options. It also features 7 PCI expansion slots, which means multi-GPU set-ups are a natural fit as well.

NZXT H440 Chassis - Front Red

As far as cooling goes, the H440 can be configured to host a multitude of water cooling options, all the while being able to support a conventional air-cooled PC. Up front one can install a 2 x 140mm/3 x 120mm radiator; the top panel can support another 2 x 140mm/3 x 120mm radiator as well. And if you really wanted to, you can also fit a 1 x 140mm/ 1 x 120mm radiator in the rear exhaust position too. If air cooling is more your cup of tea, the H440 can accommodate 2 x 140mm/3 x 120mm fans up front, 2 x 140mm/3 x 120mm fans up top, and a single 140mm/120mm in the rear. Fan filters are fitted at all three positions.

The H440 supports mini-ITX, mATX, and ATX motherboards.

The new H440 is available in both white and in black and will start shipping at the end of January 2014. MSRP is $119.

Also, to celebrate the release of the H440, NZXT is also announcing a very special mechanical keyboard. As a joint project with Ducky, NZXT is announcing the very limited availability of the NZXT Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboard.

NZXT Shine Ducky Mechanical Keyboard

Available in black/white and black/red color options, the NZXT Shine 3 features Cherry MX Red switches and a multitude of LED backlighting capabilities.

The NZXT Shine 3 has seven different backlighting modes as well as user-defined dynamic LED backlighting configurations, which gives end users unprecedented control over which areas of the keyboard they would like to have illuminated.

NZXT Shine Ducky Mechanical Keyboard - Switch

This limited edition keyboard comes standard with a braided detachable cable as well as DIP switches which control Windows key lockout, CTRL and Caps Lock Swap, and other features.

The NZXT Shine 3 will be available exclusively from the NZXT Armory Store for $149.99.

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