NZXT Has Numerous Chassis’ En Route, New Fan Controllers

Posted on June 2, 2009 5:33 AM by Rob Williams

When I arrived for our meeting with NZXT at Computex, I was greeted with the fact that they had a lot to show off. That sounded great. Then I was told that none of it could be photographed… so, no, that white image below is a joke and not your monitor going funky.

What I can say though, is that NZXT has a lot of new products en route, and some are quite interesting. As we found out in our Beta review last week, NZXT is a company who values budget-oriented consumers, and they believe that people shouldn’t have to spend a huge sum of money to get a decent chassis. While the Beta retails for around ~$50, you can expect to see an even lesser-expensive chassis soon (~$40).

One thing I found interesting about NZXT’s line-up is that they literally have a chassis for every price-range. Things start out at $40, then there’s a model for each multiple of $10, up to around $150, they have a different chassis. It’s really cool to have such a wide product range, and makes picking out a model quite easy for the regular consumer.

Thanks to the overall good reception for the company’s fan controller, Sentry LX, we’ll be seeing some follow-ups in the coming months, with two new models. Each offers a touchscreen, and are very easy to use. Normally, touchscreen is equivalent to “expensive”, but not here. The single-bay touchscreen Sentry will retail for around $30, which seems incredible at this point. It’s a great way not to only spice up the front of your PC, but have full control over each fan in your machine. I look forward to seeing this come to market.


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