NZXT’s Sentry 3 Touchscreen Fan Controller Boasts Great Specs & Aesthetics

Posted on April 4, 2014 10:00 AM by J.D. Kane

NZXT has just introduced its latest fan controller, the Sentry 3.

Featuring a 5.4″ color touchscreen interface, the Sentry 3 is completely devoid of any mechanical knobs or switches. This screen, NZXT says, is 33% larger than any other single-bay fan controller currently available. Users only need to slide, swipe, and touch the Sentry’s large touchscreen face to gain full control over up to five fan channels.

NZXT Sentry 3 Fan Controller - Face

Each fan channel has up to 15 watts behind it, which means that the Sentry 3 should be compatible with most PC fans available today, including some monstrously powerful ones. What’s more, the Sentry 3 supports channel linking, which enables users to join any of the five channels and control the entire linked group simultaneously.


But it’s not just the power capacity behind each fan channel that’s impressive with the Sentry 3. NZXT has engineered short protection into its newest fan controller as well as over- and under-voltage protection. Clearly, the Sentry 3 goes a long way towards protecting users and their systems from electrical maladies.

Users can pre-order the Sentry 3 from NZXT’s Armory. MSRP is a cool (pun intended) $34.99. The controller is currently offered just in matte black.

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