NZXT’s FZ LED Fans Deliver Both Performance and Color

Posted on April 4, 2012 7:35 AM by Rob Williams

For serious PC builders, LED fans are sometimes a non-option. It’s not because LED lights are tacky, but because usually there’s a trade-off in performance being made. Companies that tend to create LED fans don’t always focus on performance or endurance to the level that enthusiasts would like. The folks at NZXT are trying to remedy that problem, with its line-up of “FZ LED” fans.

The main bullet point for the FZ fans isn’t LED-related, but rather “airflow”. Designer Johnny Hou has said, “With every product we design, effective airflow is paramount“, going onto say that the FZ series aims to dissipate heat as effectively as possible, while giving you the personalization and style that you’re looking for.

Available also without LEDs, FZ fans feature 13 blades, and minimal speeds of 1200 RPM -/+ 20% on the 120mm models, and 1000 RPM -/+ 20% on the 140mm models. The 120mm models can reach a low noise level of 26.8 dBA, while the 140mm’s can go even quieter at 24.54 dBA. Moving from a non-LED model LED carries a $2 premium. Available colors include orange, red, white (a personal favorite), blue and green.

If you’re looking for a simple way to spice up your build, the FZ LED series can sure help.

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