NZXT’s Sentry Mix 6 Fan Controller Brings Sliders, 50W Channels

Posted on August 23, 2011 12:20 PM by Rob Williams

This past May, NZXT released its Sentry Mesh fan controller, which like the name would suggest, had a meshed front perfectly suited for those with a chassis to match. In some ways, it was a much-needed product, as some fan controllers kind of stood out in the wrong way on meshed chassis. But with the Sentry Mesh also came sliders, not buttons. What about those who want that functionality but don’t have a meshed chassis?

The answer, is the Sentry Mix 6. Styled similarly to the Mesh, the Mix bumps up the slider count to 6, while also boosting the available power per channel to 50W (from 30W). That’s right – you could power most room fans off of this thing (don’t go getting any ideas, please)!

Simplicity is the Mix’s game, as once everything is all connected, all you need to do is adjust a slider in order to change the power being delivered to a fan. There is no fancy temperature readout here, but rather a black matte finish and silver sliders. For some bling, there are LEDs that light up the numbers under each slider, with a choice from blue, red, green, orange and a personal favorite of mine, white.

The Sentry Mix 6 should become available soon, and at a price of $39.99 (the Mesh, by comparison, retails for $24.99).

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