Raptr Shows Us the Top 20 PC Games Played During April

Posted on May 15, 2014 2:12 PM by Rob Williams

Raptr has sent along a top 20 list that showcases the most-played PC games as of last month. While Raptr doesn’t have the same sort of reach as a service like Steam does, it has the ability of being able to track any PC game, whether it be driven through Steam, Origin, UPlay, et cetera, or stand-alone. That difference makes this list all the more important.

Because this list consists of games not tied to a certain game service, some of the results are kind of interesting. League of Legends, for example, had about 2.5x as many players as Dota 2 – something I would not have expected (granted, I am not a MOBA fan, so I don’t often track it). But that said, during that month, both games effectively swapped places. I’d love to know the reasoning behind that one.

Raptr Most Played PC Games - April 2014

World of Warcraft not surprisingly leads the MMO pack, with The Elder Scrolls Online placing fifth – not too surprising as the game just launched, and to much hype. We’ll see how long it’ll last there. Between March and April, Rust, Titanfall, and Path of Exile all dropped out of the top 20.

One thing that might be worth noting is that so many free-to-play games place in the top 20. Those include Team Fortress 2, Warframe, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, World of Tanks, and Smite.

While Raptr supports consoles as well, it seems to be pleased with the support the PC is getting. In the email sent to us, it relays the fact that the PC is the most popular gaming platform on the planet, with nearly 1.2 billion gamers worldwide (according to DFC Intelligence). As someone who’s quite fond of PC gaming, this is nice to see.

  • xOptix78

    Does this include games that are still in beta? If not, I’d be surprised to see where WildStar fits in, and if it even charts.

    • http://techgage.com/ Rob Williams

      In order for a lot of games to show up on Raptr, people have to issue a request for it. Wildstar is in fact on there, but the hour count is low:


      I am not sure the reason behind that, but it could just be that the Raptr client is not even effectively detecting the game’s executable yet. Once the game releases we’ll see things change.

      • Demian Linn

        Hi – I work at Raptr. While we do sometimes add game detections based on requests, we’re extremely proactive about building new detections in general, so usually they’re in place before anyone specifically requests it.

        Our detection for Wildstar went out in early May. As I understand it, Wildstar was only in closed beta during the weekends of April, so even if our detection had been in at that point, it definitely wouldn’t have cracked the top 20. We’ll see how it does in May!

        • http://techgage.com/ Rob Williams

          Thanks a lot for chiming in here. I figured Raptr was quite proactive, but I’ve had a couple of experiences where it took a little while for the client to pick a game up. Trials Fusion, for example, wasn’t detected until nearly a week after release, and that was despite it having been in beta for weeks prior. It’s hardly an issue though. For those who care that much about accurate stats on Raptr (like me), the Steam sync option works brilliantly.

          • Demian Linn

            Hmm yes in some cases it takes a few days, as we often add detections in batches. Oh, and you mentioned the hour count on the WildStar page…don’t take that as gospel. I believe we’ve paused those counters (the display on game pages — we’re still tracking it all on the back end) while we work through some scaling issues.

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