Real Boxing and The Conduit Get Tegra 3 Treatment

Posted on March 14, 2013 1:00 PM by Rob Williams

NVIDIA has sent word that two highly-anticipated Tegra 3-optimized games have now arrived: Real Boxing and The Conduit. The latter might sound familiar if you own a Wii, as it was released to that platform back in 2009. To help breathe new life into the title, High Voltage Software has ported it over to Android and infused it with some Tegra love at the same time. For an example of how it appears with and without Tegra 3, look below:

The Conduit 01

The differences are stark (and easier to notice when the image is clicked for the full-view). The textures on Tegra 3 are far more detailed, and the lighting, much improved. The differences are so great, that it almost feels like the developer deliberately maimed the non-Tegra version (I am not actually implying that’s the case).

Set in “near-future America”, The Conduit has you traverse a highly-detailed landscape in search of aliens to kill. Have a Bluetooth gamepad? You’re free to use it. This game offers the first two missions for free, with the latter ones coming in two packs for $2.99 each.

The Conduit 02

Real Boxing is a game that I’ve heard NVIDIA talk about for a while. As the name implies, it’s boxing, and it’s “real” – minus the bloody lips. I’m not exactly a boxing fan, but this game does look spectacular. It’s exclusive to Tegra 3 devices on the Android side, with perks including high-res textures, high poly counts and animations, per-pixel specular lighting and true depth-of-field.

Real Boxing

Real Boxing is set to be upgraded to take advantage of Tegra 4 goodies once those first devices land, with NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD right in the cross-hairs. This game sells for about $5, and features microtransactions.

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