/r/GamingSaves Subreddit Aims to be Definitive Source of Saved Game Files

Posted on August 26, 2013 9:45 AM by Rob Williams

If there’s one thing I’m confident of, it’s that data loss is one of the most frustrating things on earth. It doesn’t matter if we’re dealing with photos, videos, documents or anything else, that feeling of knowing that some of your important files are gone for good is a horrible one. For a gamer, it can be made worse when saved games are involved.

It’s a lot easier today than ever before to have redundant backups of your saved game files, but even so, there are times when the inevitable strikes, and you lose your collection, in effect losing all of the time and effort that went into each game. It’s for that reason that a new subreddit launched this past weekend caught my eye: /r/GamingSaves.

Reddit GamingSaves

The current tagline for the subreddit is a simple one: “For all your gaming saves!” As simple as a saved games resource sounds, to have a repository on a community-driven site like Reddit, to me, is important. There have been situations where I’ve been in need of a saved game, either because I lost one or because I needed one for a game I planned to benchmark, and I know all-too-well that finding legitimate copies of a save online is a challenge, and those sites that do have legit files might make you jump through hoops for them.

That’s where this particular resource makes things easy. The moderators there force a certain naming scheme, so searching for a particular game is simple, and so far, all of the linked-to download spots have been safe (Dropbox, MediaFire and Mega are popular choices).

A great feature of this subreddit is that it’s not only for supplying saves, but it’s also for requesting them. So, if you ever find yourself really needing a saved game for any title at all – even if it’s on a console – you can go here to request it.

Bit by the bug, I couldn’t help but upload a couple of personal saves: Sleeping Dogs (PC), Metro 2033 (PC) and San Francisco Rush 2049 (Dreamcast Emulator).

If you have saves to share, by all means share them. If you don’t have a 100% complete save, don’t fret: You’re allowed to upload any save that has value. Not everyone wants a 100% complete save anyway.

Ahh Reddit, why do you keep feeding my addiction like this…

  • Thedude1693

    Wow, nice review, i like it! i made the subreddit, and im glad people like you enjoy it! <3

    • http://techgage.com/ Rob Williams

      Cheers for creating it! I admit I’m surprised it wasn’t done before… it strikes me as being a seriously useful resource. I can already tell that I’ll be making great use of it as time goes on, either to share or snag.

      • Thedude1693

        we are trying to make it so if you request a save, that if you could kindly provide a save, as eventually this subreddit will start to die, and we are trying to prolong its lifespan.

        • http://techgage.com/ Rob Williams

          I couldn’t agree more with that. As I mentioned, saves don’t need to be 100% to be submitted… sometimes people just might not want to start at the absolute beginning of a game again… God there are a lot of games with drawn-out beginnings).

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