ROCCAT Helps Solve Some PC Gamer Couch Drawbacks with Sova “Lapboard”

Posted on June 11, 2014 11:00 AM by Ryan Perry

There are four pieces to the puzzle that is livingroom gaming. A computer, a television, a comfy place to park your backside, and something to control your on-screen alter ego. Up until now, the last piece of this puzzle, the peripherals, has proven to be cumbersome for many of us who don’t want to use a controller, so we stay locked away in our bedrooms or offices.

ROCCAT Sova Keyboard

It looks like the folks at ROCCAT have this missing piece of the puzzle, and have¬†announced the new Sova wireless keyboard and mouse pad combo. The whole wireless keyboard and mouse combo thing doesn’t do the Sova justice, so we’ll lay it all out for you.

This all in one, “lap board” has a brush aluminum body that holds the 72 illuminated keys, which are backed with Cherry MX switches. In front is a generous wrist rest, and to the right is a large mouse pad that can slide out depending on the user’s preference.

ROCCAT Sova Keyboard

The Sova also features up to 12-hours of battery life, padded leg wrests, a channel along the front edge for cable management, and from what I’ve seen in the promo shots, at least 2 integrated USB ports.

There was no mention of whether the Sova will be infrared or Bluetooth, or what type(s) of mechanical switches will be used in the final retail product. The expected retail price also wasn’t discussed since the product is still in development, but those lucky enough to be attending E3 will have a chance to check it out for themselves by swinging by ROCCAT’s booth.

  • Rob Williams

    This thing is cool, I must admit. I’m not much of a couch gamer, but if I WERE, I could see me wanting to pick this up.

    • zacharyt1122

      No appeal to me either. I could see how some people could get some use out of it, but I’m sure gaming performance would be affected.

      • Rob Williams

        Oh that goes without saying. I don’t think I’d use this to play an FPS online ;-)

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