Rockstar Shows Us What GTA V Has to Offer with New Gameplay Video

Posted on July 9, 2013 2:32 PM by Rob Williams

It’s doubtful that Rockstar had to further prove to people that Grand Theft Auto V is going to be a game worth getting, but it’s gone ahead and released a five-minute gameplay video that just about seals the deal. Unlike a typical gameplay trailer, this one has narration, aiming to inform you about all that the forthcoming game has on its plate. Despite not being announced for the PC (yet), this is one game that would truly make me consider dusting off my PlayStation 3.

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been known for its vastness – large worlds to explore, many different vehicles to drive, things to see and do – but the fifth iteration looks to amp things up to a degree I am sure a lot of people didn’t see coming. Extracurricular activity seems to be a bigger part of the game, where you can take a break from your dastardly deeds to go parachuting, shooting at the range, go bicycling, and even play tennis. Further, car customization has finally been introduced; it appears you can change not only the paint job, but rims as well. It doesn’t appear that performance can be tweaked, but very little is being shown.

With cash-in-hand from jobs done, you’ll be able to spend it on things like cars, tattoos and clothing, or try to win the stock market. And this is just what we’re being shown so far.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V definitely looks like a Grand Theft Auto game mechanics-wise, but the game introduces an interesting concept of following three main characters through the game. During some missions, you may have to switch roles between them on-the-fly to get the job done – in a sense, playing co-op solo. Increasing the immersion, you can effectively spy on people you’ve met at any time, to see what they’re up to. As each of the three main characters are interesting in their own right, following them all throughout the game is likely to amusing, to say the least.

So, anytime now Rockstar, feel free to announce this for the PC.

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