Sabayon Linux 10 Released, Bleeds Improvements and New Features

Posted on September 17, 2012 1:21 PM by Rob Williams

It seems like the Sabayon crew has adopted the rapid-release cycle of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, because yet another new version is upon us: 10. Yes, 10. Just last summer, I took a quick look at 6, and given the modest size of the dev team, this output is nothing short of incredible. I’ve been telling myself for a while that I need to take the latest Sabayon for a spin, given my last thorough look was a staggering five years ago, so this drought has to end with the help of this release.

If you really enjoyed Sabayon 9, this is just another step towards world domination

The dev team sure knows how to sell its distro. All “tier 1″ flavors are immediately available, which includes KDE and GNOME 3, MATE (GNOME 2) and Xfce. Very current versions of packages are bundled in here, with one of the biggest new features being an improved Rigo, the application management tool. For those who might use Sabayon in a corporate environment, Amazon’s EC2 support also comes right in the box – a nice touch.

Looks like a solid release overall, and I look forward to taking it for a spin. But first, I need a bit more testing with openSUSE 12.2.

Source: Sabayon

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