Saints Row IV Review: You Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Posted on August 28, 2013 8:30 AM by Techgage Staff

In a market chock-full of serious games, a series like Saints Row is a refreshing one. It’s far from serious, poking and prodding you until you finally give up and start laughing, while taking in all of the eye-candy. When The Third came out, it appeased current fans and developed a lot of new one; will IV accomplish the same?

The Boss of the Saints has achieved much since we last played him/her in Saints Row: The Third, having stopped a terrorist plot to nuke America and then becoming the President. These achievements are quickly overshadowed when the world is invaded by Zinyak, however, an evil alien overlord who rules the Zin Empire – not to be confused with that other alien, Zim.

The Boss, the Saints and the rest of planet Earth are defenseless against the invasion. Their intent is to enslave the human race, and they’re doing this is by breaking the abductees’ will by tossing them into their own virtual hell. The Boss, along with the other Saints, find themselves against the most dire of odds and must form new allies to achieve their ultimate goal: To kill Zinyak.

Saints Row IV brings us back to the city of Steelport – well, a virtual one – where it works much like a network information hub, connecting the different simulations together. The virtual world is a pliable space, the Boss can now use special powers within the Steelport simulation to quickly navigate the city by leaping tall buildings in a single bound, being faster than a locomotive, setting enemies on fire, picking things or people up telekinetically, and oh so much more.

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