SanDisk Finally Brings 128GB MicroSD To Market

Posted on February 25, 2014 8:30 AM by Tom Roeder

Finally, the day has come.  Those of us who have tablets or smartphones that utilize MicroSD expansion, our dreams have been realized – enter the 128gb MicroSD card from SanDisk.

For a very long time, the largest MicroSD card money could buy was a 64GB.  Considering how small the things are, it is an amazing technological feat, cramming all that data onto something the size of a fingernail. 


On Monday, SanDisk announced at the Mobile World Congress that it is releasing the much anticipated, holy-grail of storage – the 128GB MicroSD card.  It is unclear at this time whether the new card will be compatible on all devices that accept MicroSD; older devices may not allow access to the full 128GB, but newer devices should be fine.

The card is Class 10 rated, meaning it is ready to go for HD video recording.  The new Ultra microSDXC should hit retailers any day now, and you can expect to pay $199 for this new technology – I think I will wait until the price drops, just me being frugal.

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