Sharkoon Releases New, Improved REX Water Cooling Edition PC Chassis

Posted on December 5, 2013 5:15 PM by J.D. Kane

Sharkoon has added a new model to its portfolio of PC chassis: The REX Water Cooling Edition.

The REX chassis is not new to Sharkoon, but the Water Cooling Edition does boast a few notable differences to its like-named kin. Chief among these is exclusive compatibility to mATX motherboards. Past REX cases accommodated ATX motherboards, but by strictly defining a mATX-only spec, Sharkoon frees up the interior space for a water-cooling radiator up to 240mm long up at case’s top panel. This is how Sharkoon has managed to keep the REX chassis family’s aggressive exterior styling and dimensions mostly unchanged.

Sharkoon REX Chassis Angle

The REX Water Cooling Edition is equipped with two 120mm low-noise blue LED fans in the front intake position, while a single 120mm blue LED fan takes residence in the rear exhaust position. The front bezel is mesh, so this REX should be well-ventilated PC chassis. And don’t let the “Water Cooling Edition” tag fool you into thinking that you can’t use air cooling on your mATX system; this chassis can accommodate monster tower heatsinks up to 205mm wide and 165mm tall.

The interior also has strategically-positioned openings for cable management as well. Users can thus view the great cable management job and all of their hardware through the tinted acrylic window in the left side panel.

Unlike most mATX-only chassis, the REX Water Cooling Edition has five PCI expansion slots; this means it can take up to two dual-slot graphics cards. Speaking of graphics cards, the internal layout of the chassis is designed to take advantage of cards up to 40cm (15.7″) long.

Sharkoon REX Chassis Water Cooling Shot

As far as storage options go, users can mount up to two 5.25″ optical drives in the tool-less drive bays. A maximum of three 3.5″ HDDs/2.5″ HDDs/SSDs can fit in the HDD rack system mounted just behind the bottom 120mm intake fan. The REX Water Cooling Edition also boasts six USB ports in the front panel, along with the usual headphone out and microphone in jacks.

Information regarding when Sharkoon’s REX Water Cooling Edition will be available for sale was not available at the time of writing. MSRP is €54.90/~$75.00. 

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