Shots Fired: Google Significantly Drops its Prices for Drive Cloud Storage

Posted on March 14, 2014 1:35 PM by Rob Williams

At $5-per-month for 100GB, Google has been offering some of the most competitive prices for cloud storage for a while (Dropbox is $10-per-month for 100GB), but in an attempt to stab its competition right in the gut, it’s gone ahead and trimmed its prices even further. How does $2-per-month for 100GB sound?

Google Drive Pricing

For those in need of even more storage, the prices don’t become less impressive: $10-per-month for 1TB, and $100-per-month for 10TB (stackable with additional 10TB increments). These prices almost seem ridiculous given the competition’s pricing: Dropbox charges $50-per-month for 500GB, so Google here offers twice as much space, but at 1/5th the price. Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) costs just over $4-per-month for 100GB (or $8.50 if not on an annual plan) – still twice as expensive as Google.

As great as Google’s latest pricing is for consumers, it has to come as a blow to its competition. Most of Google’s competition wouldn’t be able to afford this same sort of pricing, and that’s something Google knows well. Even so, you’d imagine with this kind of rock-bottom pricing, the competition would have to react. This could get interesting.

  • Greg King

    Just updated my account. Hard to turn down something like this.

    • Rob Williams

      You’ve got that right! I’d jump on it if I had a decent upload speed.

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