SilverStone RV04 – The Raven Evolves Evermore

Posted on May 9, 2013 8:30 AM by J.D. Kane

SilverStone’s Raven series of cases has seen a constant evolution in styling, design and features ever since the original RV01 spread its wings and took off into the PC chassis marketplace in mid-2009. Quite appropriately, then, the company has announced the fourth stage in this revolutionary design’s development, the RV04.

SilverStone Raven RV04 01

The new RV04 is a bit of a revolution itself when seen within the context of the Raven series as a whole. Instead of its elder sisters’ unique motherboard mounting system wherein the motherboard is flipped onto the right side of the chassis and rotated 90° so that the I/O ports are at the top of the case instead of the rear, the RV04 uses a still-distinctive “inverted” motherboard mounting. As with competitor Lian-Li’s classic PC-Vx000 (the first iteration, anyway) series of cases, the motherboard resides on the right side of the RV04, with the I/O ports facing the rear.

SilverStone says that although the new RV04 is smaller than the older RV02, the new chassis has room for more storage devices (seven 3.5″ and four 2.5″ drives, versus the RV02’s three 3.5″ and one 2.5″ drives). The company also says the repackaged interior space and revised layout has resulted in even more efficient cooling compared to the RV02. Even with one less intake fan, the company claims its newest Raven can match or exceed any of its siblings in terms of cooling potential.

SilverStone Raven RV04 02

There will be two versions of the RV04 available: The RV04-B (black), and the RV04-B/W (black with window).

The company has not specified a firm release date, nor an MSRP, at the time of writing.

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