Sony and Panasonic Team Up For 1TB “Archival Disc”

Posted on March 13, 2014 8:30 AM by Tom Roeder

In July 2013, Panasonic and Sony announced a partnership to create a new type of archival storage, showing off a cartridge filled with 300GB optical discs, called “Archival Disc“.  Settle-down those salivary glands – this format is being targeted squarely at corporations, at least right at the start.

The single write 300GB discs are set to launch sometime in 2015, and it’s expected that their size will expand to 500GB and eventually 1TB each.  Currently, the discs are double sided with three layers per side, and they use the same wavelength laser that is used for Blu-rays.

Archival Disc Logo

Panasonic and Sony are both very experienced in the field of high capacity optical media; they are who brought us the Blu-ray disc.  There is no doubt that the Blu-ray has not caught on like the DVD did, mostly thanks to cloud services, streaming movies and games. 

Mentioned above, the Archival Disc is being targeted at corporations, but in time we would hope that it could trickle down into consumer hands. I sure wouldn’t mind having a spindle full of writeable 1TB Archival Discs!

  • Rob Williams

    I look forward to seeing what consumer use these will have. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about there being “yet another disc format”, but come on – who wants to download 50GB+ to watch a true 4K movie? I still think there will be a market for discs for some time. At least until ultra-fast Internet connections are commonplace,

  • Jamie Fletcher

    I doubt we’ll see the 1TB discs. These companies said we’d have quad layer BDs in two years… 6 years later they were released with little to no mention (and at outrageous prices). Optical still has its place, but I think long-term storage still goes to tape. Optical may be dust and water ‘resistant’, but one scratch and they’re dead, especially when dealing with multiple layers on a single side. Having said that, holographic storage is still some ways off.

    As for retail of games and movies, yeah, optical will keep things busy for a while longer. Especially since ISPs are still trying to shove data caps down people’s throats. 30GB cap? How generous… for a 50GB title like Titanfall… or 30GB for ESO.

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