Sony Releases Instructional Video for Trading Used Games on the PS4

Posted on June 11, 2013 9:00 AM by Rob Williams

With the debacle surrounding used games on the Xbox One almost reaching a boiling-point, Sony decided that now was the right time to finally issue a statement on used game matters for its own console. Will you be limited to the number of times you can trade a game? Will you have to go through a proxy? Is there anything Sony does differently than Microsoft? This quick video tells all:

Sony, you’re doing it right.

  • Matthew Harris

    Sucks to be Micro$oft right now. Xbone, alienated its user base, Win 8, alienated its user base. Let’s see if they can pull off a hat trick with the new cloud based Office.

    • Rob Williams

      I’ve actually started using the cloud-based Office last week to see how things fare. So far, no issues (even on benchmarking rigs)… it’s quite seamless, and I’m impressed. Will see what I think after a year. The MAJOR advantage here is that you are actually able to deactivate an install on a given PC, which the regular Office doesn’t allow you to do.

      And I agree. It’s really amazing to me that with the sheer amount of backlash Microsoft has taken in recently, it -still- hasn’t changed its stance on anything. Sony, on the other hand, has proven malleable and is milking MS’ f-up for as much as it’s worth.

      • Matthew Harris

        Sony has been in the lose column for so long that they finally sat back and went over what they were doing wrong (invasive DRM, pricing themselves out of sales, etc) and decided to be proactive. Years ago they were a blue chip operation. Everything they touched turned to gold. It’s taken some time for them to come to grips with losing that cachet but I’m actually glad they appear to be serious about turning it around. Hopefully their CE arm follows suit.

        • Rob Williams

          It’s funny you mention that, because an editorial I’m crafting tackles just that thing :P In this biz, brand loyalty means little when companies turn on you. And vice versa… companies can also make things right.

          • Matthew Harris

            I look forward to reading your thoughts on the matter.

  • Kougar

    Okay, I cracked up at this one. Props to Sony!

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