Sony Takes Us Through the Years as a PlayStation Gamer

Posted on October 21, 2013 12:20 PM by Rob Williams

If you’ve been a gamer for some time, you’ve undoubtedly got a trove of memories stored in your brain that can invoke happiness or excitement whenever they’re brought to the surface. Sony understands the power of nostalgia like this, and caters to PlayStation gamers who’ve been supporting the platform since the beginning with a new video, seen below.

I didn’t own the original PlayStation until well after its launch, but I have fond memories of gaming-it-up with my best friend in games like Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot, Gex, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Ridge Racer, and oh so much more. I didn’t play either the PS2 or PS3 nearly as much as the original, so I don’t have memories there, but even so, the above video manages to give the feeling that I do have memories.

This video of course prefaces the upcoming PlayStation 4 launch, as Sony would like to point out that it’s been #4ThePlayers since its original console, which it says will continue straight through to the next, and the future.

  • Jamie Fletcher

    Must… resist… cynicism… OMG THEY ONLY HAD 1 CONTROLLER AT THE END CAUSE THEY CAN’T AFFORD ANY MORE!!! – It’s OK, I feel slightly better now. Also, his girlfriend dumped him and threw out half his stuff, along with the 3 other consoles, which is why the place is so clean, and also why he can’t afford a second controller.

    Oh memories, the things you do to me. The countless hours I spent with my PS One… they truly were countless, no internet or monitoring. Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Tekken, Resident Evil… Even the glorious Music2000. Unfortunately for the PS2, it was fighting for attention with my Dreamcast and GameCube, but I still played my fair share on it too. The PS3 however… that is probably my least used console, even less than the GameCube.

    There is one device that kept me busy through all those years, before and after… the venerable PC.

    • Rob Williams

      I think the fact that there are almost no 2-player games at launch has something to do with the one gamepad at the end. It wouldn’t be safe to advertise 2-player and then have virtually no option for it when the console gets here.

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