Steam Gets its First Level 300 User

Posted on May 5, 2014 10:00 AM by Rob Williams

Back in January, I wrote about Steam user PalmDesert who crafted some mind-blowing badges during the winter sale: A level 1,000 Snow Globe, and a level 100 foil variant. As impressive as that was, though, it was quite alarming to see just how much money some users were spending to achieve these insane heights, and some of them simply do not stop.

At the time of PalmDesert’s accomplishment, I believe he was the highest-level person on Steam, at 260. Today, he sits at 289, but he’s been replaced as the leader by Flush, a user who just broke through the level 300 barrier. It’s clear that like most of the other extremely high-level Steam users, Flush doesn’t plan on stopping – he’s gained another level since he hit 300 just the other day.

Steam User - Flush

When I wrote the article, “Steam Cards: How Do They Work?” last summer, I included an XP table that showed how much XP was required to get to any level between 0 and 200. At the time, I simply couldn’t imagine that people would exceed that – PalmDesert was 150 at the time.

At this point, Flush needs 3,000 XP to gain a new level, which is equivalent to 30 badges, or 6 complete sets (5 badges can be crafted per game). All I can wonder at this point is: How far are these users truly going to go? They’ve already far exceeded the heights I thought they’d go. At this rate, I’m not going to be too surprised when someone reaches level 500.

  • Kougar

    There’s five Badge levels, plus 1 foil badge per every game. But there’s also XP gained from number of games owned on the account (3XP each iirc), other badges such as the community badge, past events, and the steam hardware badge.

    The winter steam event featured something new as well, the winter badges (both foil and regular) could be leveled an unlimited number of times. Crafting any deck dropped another winter event card too, so anyone that already had a lot of cards to craft got to really farm the event badge for XP. Odds are the summer event will do the same thing

    My largest question is, how many boosters does he get with such an insanely boosted drop rate? Also, I gotta find out how he added custom links to those websites on his profile as I’ve never seen that before…

    • Rob Williams

      Oh whoops, those links are there because of the Enhanced Steam plugin I run. I highly recommend it. But if I recall, you use Opera, and I am not sure that browser is supported.

      And I agree, the summer sale WILL likely have that same dumb infinite mechanic… after all, some people had to have spent a thousand dollars or more during the winter sale.

      • Kougar

        Hey, it isn’t dumb! Anyone can stockpile cards since the winter event instead of crafting them. Honestly I don’t know why more people don’t stockpile them just for events.

        Assuming it’s another 1 event card per craft, I’ll get around 50 summer event cards this time around. Probably still won’t even reach level 70 but I’m going to try…

        • Rob Williams

          Hmm, what do you mean, exactly? As soon as the winter event ended, all lingering cards were purged. You can’t go and buy them on the marketplace anymore.

          • Kougar

            I’m talking about stockpiling regular cards. Don’t craft any badges until the next event, then do them all at once for the bonus card drops.

  • Spaghetti
    • Rob Williams

      Thanks for the link. I can’t believe that happened a month ago… not sure how I haven’t noticed. It might be worth following-up to this post nonetheless.

      • Spaghetti

        Isn’t that guy’s level insane though? How is that humanly possible???

        • Rob Williams

          If I had to guess, most of these top-level guys have substantial disposable income, and don’t mind splurging on something of so little value (alright, no value outside of ego-stroking).

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