Steam Now Natively Supports NVIDIA’s Latest GeForce GPUs for In-home Streaming

Posted on August 28, 2014 3:09 PM by Rob Williams

NVIDIA has shot us a note to let us know that the latest version of Steam now natively supports the hardware encoder on its GeForce GPUs for in-home streaming. The company says that you can stream at up to 1080p resolution with performance of 60 FPS, and with quality that comes closer to native than you might expect.

We’ve worked closely with NVIDIA to support hardware encoding on GeForce cards with our Steam In-Home Streaming technology, and the result is nothing short of amazing. says Valve’s Sam Lantinga.


If you’ve never given Steam’s in-home streamer a try, I encourage that you do, because it’s really impressive. The coolest thing about it is its simple implementation. You could have a modest HTPC in the livingroom, and stream from your powerhouse PC which is located somewhere else. That means you get to enjoy high-end gaming, but without all the potential noise and heat.

I haven’t tested out the in-home streamer myself in a couple of months, so with this news of native GeForce support, I’ll definitely be giving it another test in the near-future.

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