Steam’s Holiday Sale Gets an Encore

Posted on January 4, 2013 2:00 PM by Rob Williams

If you’ve been unable to pick up a game during Steam’s annual holiday sale, or were unaware that such a sale was going on, you’re in luck. No doubt due to the success of the sale up to this point, Valve has decided to have an encore. Beginning immediately, and running straight through until 10:00AM PST on Monday, any game that was on sale during the event remains so, with each being available at its deepest discount.


Here are a couple of titles that stand out (prices in USD):

Correction: It seems that not all of the titles are available at their deepest discounts, but rather only “select” titles are.

  • Kayden

    No XCOM Enemy Unknown?!!? *sob*

    Ok I’m over it.

    • The Focus Elf

      I don’t think I like your tone… =]

    • Rob Williams

      Well… I guess I could have listed that, but it just doesn’t strike me as an incredible discount. The same could be said about Borderlands 2, but that is one game that will pay for itself over for a lot of people. The replayability and fun-factor is intense.

      • Kayden

        There was a greater discount when the Winter Sale began and cause I’m strapped I planned and hoped that it would reach that same price but since it hasn’t, I will just have to wait, even though I would like to play it. )c:

  • Derek Hunt

    Dota was 7.49… 22 bucks was not the deepest discount.

    • Rob Williams

      I might have misread what Valve stated in its e-mail, “A select number of the most sought-after titles from the Steam Holiday Sale will reprise their biggest discounts for two additional days.”

      Seems like it is indeed “select” titles, not all of those that were on sale.

      • Kayden

        I’m still hopeful XCOM will show up in the next 2 days. *crosses fingers*

    • Stetson

      If you are just looking for an in to the Beta (or w/e it is called now) I have an invite

  • JD Kane

    Aargh. Where’s mah sugar mama when I need her?

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