SteelSeries Flux Configurator – As Close to a BYO Headset as You Can Get

Posted on March 22, 2013 3:00 PM by J.D. Kane

If you’ve ever fancied having a custom SteelSeries Flux headset, the company’s just-announced Flux Configurator now makes it possible.

By going on to the Flux Configurator webpage then selecting the correct region for you, you can access what the company says is “an online headset creator that gives players the creative power to design their own Flux gaming headset.”

I played with the Flux Configurator a couple of nights ago, and it’s quite impressive to see all the cosmetic changes you can make with your Flux. You can change: The color of the headband (black or white); the color of the side plates covering the outsides of the ear cups (you have nine choices available, including no side plates); the color of the ear cushions (five colors of cloth options, and a black leather option); and the color of the cable (six color options). Also, you can specify the type of cable connector you would like your Flux to have (either a split mic+headphone connector for PCs, or a two-in-one 3.5mm combo connector suitable for mobile phones).

SteelSeries Flux Yourself

One of the Flux Configurator’s cool features is its ability to keep a running total of costs for all of the options you choose. Some options are costlier than others, of course, so this feature actually is a huge convenience for consumers since it takes the guesswork out of figuring out what their custom Flux headset would cost.

Once you’re done tailoring your new Flux to your heart’s content, you can just click the Buy It Now button, and your custom Flux will be sent on its way to you. It even comes in a spiffy carry bag! So if an all-white or all-black color scheme is not good enough for you, now you can choose your own when you buy a SteelSeries Flux using the Flux Configurator.

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