SteelSeries’ Sensei Gaming Mouse Packs a Real Punch

Posted on August 16, 2011 10:35 AM by Rob Williams

“Feature-packed” is a term we often use to describe products that offer a lot of features and lacks nothing, but there may be no product more deserving of that description than SteelSeries’ Sensei ‘pro-grade’ gaming mouse. It’s identical in design to the award-winning Xai, but has a much greater focus on the pro-gamer, making sure to deliver both the imperative features as well as a few extras for good measure.

First, let’s get one of the biggest, most interesting, and perhaps oddest features out of the way. The Sensei features a 32-bit ARM processor running at about the same performance as the original Intel Pentium 75MHz. That’s slow for an entire PC, but super fast for something like a gaming mouse. With it, SteelSeries claims that because the computer’s CPU will not be required for mouse duties, all of its features will operate at peak performance.

Thanks to the inclusion of this ARM processor, the effective max sensitivity the mouse can offer has been more than doubled, from 5,001 CPI (counts-per-inch) to 11,400 CPI. For most, even 5,001 CPI sounds ridiculous, but the higher options are being pushed more towards those with multi-monitor setups, where the much higher resolution would bode well with faster cursor speed.

Compared to the Xai, the Sensei’s physical specs are almost identical, adding just 4 grams to the total weight. There’s been an introduction of some LEDs, both behind the scroll-wheel and also in the palm rest in the shape of the SteelSeries logo. The color here can be completely customized, with the company touting a total of 16.8 million colors to choose from.

One of the most important features of the Sensei is that a large group of pro-gamers had a hand in developing it. SteelSeries enlisted the help of competitive gamers specializing in Quake Live, Counter-Strike, DotA, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and more. If that alone doesn’t back up the potential that this mouse offers, what could? Will the Sensei make you a better gamer? According to SteelSeries:

Probably not, sorry. A mouse is a tool, like any other tool. Even the very best, most expensive, most amazing tennis racket in the world will not make you a better user of the tennis racket. Nothing, except your own talent and dedication will do that for you. Any company or product promising that is full of it. Period.

Well, there goes my hopes of the ARM processor playing the game for me.

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