Super Talent’s Ram-Disk USB Boasts Speeds of “Over 4,000MB/s”

Posted on June 21, 2013 9:30 AM by Rob Williams

If claims of 4GB/s from a USB device sounds a bit outlandish, Super Talent’s Ram-Disk (stylized as Ram★Disk) is going to require some explaining. Like a normal RAM disk, Super Talent’s drive will make use of some installed software to automatically offload all of the contents off of the USB device into the system’s RAM once it’s plugged in. In the event the USB device has more storage space than the PC has RAM, we’d assume that Super Talent’s software would be able to tell which data it should copy over (eg: the data most often used).

Super Talent Ram-Disk

This is an interesting design, and those who tend to carry around their beefy projects on external storage could find some benefit here. Video projects, for example, or even 3D projects that involve a large number of files, would be a breeze to use in their respective editor once this drive copies them over to the ultra-fast RAM storage. Because the USB device itself has transfer speeds far less than your PC’s RAM, however, saving the data back to the drive won’t be immediate – essentially, you’d never save a project and yank the drive right away. Instead, it’d be imperative to use a safe unmount, unless Super Talent has a method in place where only changed files would get written, which would speed things up quite significantly.

At this point, there are many real details that are unknown about the Ram-Disk. Super Talent quotes the seq. read speed at 4041MB/s and write at 5,388MB/s. Extremely specific figures like these are not common, and typically, you’d expect that a RAM disk would decrease and increase in performance based on the speed of the RAM itself, not whichever USB device is plugged in.

There’s no known pricing at the moment on the Ram-Disk, nor a release date. I’m curious to see how well it performs in real-world testing though… it certainly has potential.

  • Kayden

    I’ll take two! So long as it lives up to the companies claims. Rob, you should test this. (c;

  • ET3D

    Not buying until it’s over 9000!

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