T-Mobile Launches No-contract $70 Unlimited Talk+Data+Voice Plan

Posted on March 27, 2013 2:30 PM by Rob Williams

To help usher in its ‘Un-Carrier’ stance, T-Mobile quips, “We’re still a wireless carrier, we’re just not going to act like one anymore.” Sound a little too good to be true? There are some caveats, but overall things look good. Dubbed its ‘Simple Choice Plan‘, T-Mobile is offering its customers a no-contract option that allows them to get unlimited talk, text and even data at a reasonable price; $70 for all three, $60 for 2GB of data and $50 for 500MB of data.

To take advantage of the Simple Choice Plan, you do not have to purchase a phone from T-Mobile. If you already have one that happens to be unlocked (or is already locked to T-Mobile), you can waltz right in and get setup with a plan. If you sign-up online, the company will mail you a SIM card so that you can be on your way.

T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan

Other perks: If you spot a phone being sold elsewhere for less, T-Mobile will beat the price. Another (that I cannot verify): “We have 50% more bandwidth than AT&T for significantly less congestion.” All-in-all, T-Mobile sounds like it’s heading in the right direction, and if there’s one thing customers love, it’s not being tied to a contract. That fact alone might sway some to move on over even if T-Mobiles plans are slightly more expensive.

It’d be nice if this was a sign of things to come, because it seems likely that customers are going to begin favoring those carriers that don’t lock them into a contract. The downside with T-Mobiles latest plan, however, is that there are no $0 phone options – a problem for those who don’t want to shell out for one outright. This is similar to Ting in design, although T-Mobile does clearly win the battle where unlimited everything is concerned (of course, not everyone needs unlimited everything).

Either way, this is a good start. Let’s see the other carriers follow-suit.

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