The Next Unreal Tournament will be Free, Built with Community Input

Posted on May 8, 2014 2:46 PM by Rob Williams

Ever since Unreal Engine 4 was released a couple of years ago, I’ve been hoping that Epic would surprise us all by announcing a new title in the classic Unreal Tournament series. Well, today, that’s happened, and there sure is a lot to take in and contemplate. For starters, the game is not going to be called UT4; instead, it’s simply Unreal Tournament. Further, it’s going to be free, but not “free-to-play” in the money-gouging sense.

Development quite literally begins today on the new game, and the company admits that it’s going to take many months before something playable becomes available. The development team is composed of some UT veterans, and from the very first line of code, the community can give its input. Epic knows just how important the UT series is to fans, so it’s not looking to screw things up. It wants to build the game that fans want.

Unreal Tournament Logo

As development progresses, the company will hold occasional conversations to give us updates. For those who want to input their thoughts, you’ll want to sign up on the official forums and do so there.

The reason Epic can make this next Unreal Tournament free is that it follows the likes of Team Fortress 2 by offering a marketplace. Here, user-made content and mods can be sold, or given-away at the developer’s discretion. A cut of the sales will go both to the developer of the content and also Epic.

As someone who was hoping for a traditional UT release, this announcement made me feel a little uneasy at first. But, because the company is so intent on having the community add its input, I’m suddenly having a lot more faith in it. And for those curious, yes, it will be available for all three major OSes.

  • zacharyt1122

    Many a weekends were lost to UT LAN parties. I just picked up the Unreal Pack on sale on Steam to relive some of those memories. Heres hoping they’ll have some sort of bot support! Most of my UT matches were against the bots!

    • Rob Williams

      No joke, haha! What UT are you going to be most focused on? About three years ago, I loaded up the original UT, and was surprised to find about three servers still online. Seems there is a clan that refuses to let the game die. Of all them, I think UT2004 might be my favorite, but it’s hard to say. It had some maps from the original I loved a lot, and many other upgrades. I didn’t play UT III much at all online; I only used it for a while to benchmark with.

      • zacharyt1122

        My favorite will always be the original UT. UT 2003 left a bad taste in my mouth, even after it was fixed by UT2004. C’mon, a lightning sniper rifle?! I agree on UT3 though, didn’t do much for me. Seemed kind of watered down. But I’ll always love the original the best. Easy map editor, and tons of community support.

        • Rob Williams

          Given the design of this new one, I can see a LOT of cool custom maps being created. Which is good, because if Epic itself doesn’t recreate some classic levels, it seems likely that talented fans would.

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