The Ultimate Gaming Monitor? Eizo’s FG2421 Boasts 240Hz Refresh, 5000:1 Contrast

Posted on October 30, 2013 3:44 PM by Rob Williams

If in the market for a new gaming monitor, Eizo’s latest is just begging to be considered. At the forefront, the FORIS FG2421 boasts a 240Hz refresh rate – not the world’s first, but it is the first on a gaming-specific monitor that I’ve been able to find. Past that, the implementation of a VA (vertically aligned) panel helps deliver a native contrast ratio of 5000:1, resulting in some fantastic color ranges and increasing the visibility in darker scenes.

Eizo Foris FG2421 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Past that, one thing that sets this monitor apart from most others for gaming are presets that can be downloaded to tailor it for specific games – even some pro gamers have contributed their efforts here.

Other key specs: 400cd/m2, 176° viewing angle, less than a 1ms response time, DisplayPort, DVI-D, HDMI, and dual USB ports (we’d assume 2.0 given the lack of blue color). Given everything the monitor boasts, it’s nice to see that its max power draw is 53W – not too shabby.

Once available for sale, the FG2421 will retail for about $699 USD, which includes a 5-year warranty.

  • Corey Naish

    Whoa, looks fantastic, pricey, but if they can truly deliver 1ms response time on a VA panel with low input lag, we could be looking at the end-all killer monitor here.

    • Rob Williams

      It’s pricey, but this kind of tech five years ago probably would have had this thing cost $1,500. I love fast-moving technology. And I also really want this monitor…

      • Corey Naish

        Yeah, if I ever do build another gaming rig, I’d be going for a go big/go home thing and end up with a monitor like this. Currently my 650M seems to be floating by okay though, so the midtower days for me could be gone for good, and sadly, there’s no way my lappy could drive this thing at 1080p :P

        • Rob Williams

          “so the midtower days for me could be gone for good”

          *slams head into wall while sobbing*

  • Kayden

    I’ll take 4 Santa!

  • DF Wallace

    I bought my Eizo FG2421 through Amazon/Beach Audio for $619.99. I will install it in a few days when I get in the nVidia 780-HOF from Galaxy.

    • Rob Williams

      Nice! Congrats :D

      • DF Wallace

        Thanks ! Battlefield 4 is going to look awesome… :)

  • Vinson

    Eizo Foris is currently the best gaming monitor out there having a refresh rate of 240Hz is like a beast. I’m currently using eizo coloredge cg277 and hoping to upgrade to that model as well soon.

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