Thecus Rolls-out OS Updates for its Full NAS Lineup

Posted on July 9, 2014 2:07 PM by Rob Williams

If you’re the owner of a Thecus NAS, it’s worth heading on over to the company’s support site to see if an OS upgrade happens to be waiting for you. In a release issued today, the company notes that it’s rolled-out OS updates for its “full NAS lineup”, which is really to say any of its current models. While many models haven’t made the jump to the latest ThecusOS 6, there may still be updates available for your ThecusOS 5 NAS – there was for my N5550, although it was just for a couple of bug fixes.

Thecus N2560 NAS

I’ll let the company explain the updates:

Consumer & SOHO NAS

Updates available for Thecus consumer and SOHO NAS will enhance their capabilities, giving them features found usually on business class storage. For the N2310, ThecusOS 6 is upgraded to offer multiple RAID volumes and RAID Encryption. Updates for the 2-bay N2520 and N2560 as well as the 4-bay N4520 and N4560 models offer enhanced UPS support and multiple RAID volumes. In addition, OpenSSL updates enhance security and reliability of these consumer and SOHO Thecus NAS models.

Enterprise NAS

SMB NAS models such as the 7-bay N7710-G now support even more enterprise-class storage features with this latest firmware for ThecusOS 5. These features include updated OpenSSL for improved security and enhanced compatibility for numerous UPS. In addition, a beta update is available featuring Btrfs Snapshots for better backup capability and ESXi VAAI, enhancing virtualization performance by offloading VMware storage operations to the NAS. These enhancements and updates help ensure continued growth in Thecus effectiveness for enterprise and SMB data centers, increasing performance, compatibility and security. Coming with all new firmware updates is also support for the latest T-OnTheGo features, including improved file sharing (Link Share), automatic setup (Auto Scan), and an embedded Thecus ID and DDNS registration tool.

Speaking of Thecus, and the N2560 (seen above) in particular, I’ve been working with that model NAS for the past couple of months, so you can expect to see my thoughts on it soon.

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