Thermaltake’s New Chaser A41 – Designed with the Gamer in Mind

Posted on February 25, 2013 11:05 AM by J.D. Kane

Thermaltake has just announced the latest addition to its Chaser gaming PC chassis line, the A41. Like the rest of its Chaser stablemates, the A41 is styled to catch the eye and is designed to appeal to gamers and performance PC enthusiasts alike. Both side panels bulge out, evoking the flanks of a muscle car, and the front is perforated with fine mesh which allows air to enter the case.

Further optimizing airflow into the case is an optional single 120mm fan mount on the floor, where end users can install a 120mm fan (or radiator) of their choosing, as well as a 200mm fan mount on the case’s roof. This 200mm top fan mount can also accommodate two 120mm fans, or even a 240mm radiator. Finally, there is a 120mm rear exhaust fan. All together, the A41 comes with three fans out of the box (one 120mm blue LED fan in the front intake, a 120mm fan in the rear exhaust, and the 200mm blue LED fan on the roof).

Thermaltake Chaser A41 Chassis

A window on the left side panel allows a view into the all-black interior, where four strategically-positioned holes covered by rubber grommets facilitate neat cable management. The Chaser A41 can accommodate up to four 5.25″ optical drives and five 3.5″/2.5″ HDDs/SSDs, all of which are mounted using toolless mechanisms. It also has seven expansion slots, more than adequate even for those end users with multi-GPU setups.

The case has two more distinctively gamer-friendly features. On the left side panel, it has a smart flip-down “hook” designed as a place to hang a headset. And inside the case, there is enough room to fit graphics cards up to 315mm (12.402in), which is more than enough for even monstrous cards like the Radeon HD 7970 and the GeForce GTX 690 (both of which measure up to 11in in length).

The Chaser A41 is available in two colors, Black and a white Snow version, and retails for $109 USD.

  • Marfig

    Yeah. I’ve seen this case mentioned elsewhere, along with a short “review” (essentially just a bunch of screenshots). I’ll say probably something that isn’t going to be very popular:

    I resent companies like Thermaltake, and quite a few others, tagging gamers as a bunch of plastic zing idiots. A gamer case to these companies is apparently the type of design that will just make you feel embarrassed on any hi-tech party along with cheap materials. This one even comes with nice penguin feet for an extra blush.

    If a “gamer case” is going to continue to disregard a large portion of the gamer population, might as well start calling them by a different name. I don’t know, maybe “acne cases”, or “tits cases”.

    • Rob Williams

      I have found that most people who just use their PC for gaming have these “plastic zing” chassis, whereas those who take their PC a little more seriously will get something a little classier, if you will. I have a ton of friends who LOVE chassis designs like this, but they are not exactly pro-PC people.

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