This Liquid-Filled Wall-Mounted PC is Jaw-Dropping, Probably Prettier than Your PC

Posted on September 6, 2013 9:30 AM by Rob Williams

Some modders like to build an epic chassis for their new build, and others… well, they like to fasten their PC to a wall. As boring as that sounds, though, modder Show4Pro proves that it can be done with jaw-dropping results. Not feeling the need to upgrade his PC, but wanting a change nonetheless, he decided to turn his rig into a piece of art – one that he can admire as he uses it.

Sometimes, pictures are enough to get the point across:

Show4Pro Wall-Mounted PC

Putting this all together is one thing, but because all of the components are not directly on the motherboard, many unique extenders had to be made use of, along with extra long SATA cables. All cables run through small slits on the board, and over to where they need to plug in, such as with the GPUs and audio card. The goal here was clearly to keep everything as clean-looking as possible, and Show4Pro has definitely succeeded. Plus, I admire the fact that there’s enough liquid here to fill a water cooler.

The backside:

Show4Pro Wall-Mounted PC Backside

Sometimes I’d crave that much room in the back of my own builds!

Quality job overall, and one that’s hard to look away from.

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