To Celebrate Battlefield’s 10th Anniversary, You Can Score BF3 for $10

Posted on September 20, 2012 2:39 PM by Rob Williams

Still don’t own Battlefield 3? What on earth would it take? EA to sell the game for $10??? Oh, really? Well you’re in luck! To celebrate Battlefield’s 10-year anniversary, all of the games in the series, sans DLC for the latest game, is on sale for a cool $10. That includes Battlefield 2142, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (and Vietnam, separately), Battlefield 2 and of course, Battlefield 3.

For some reason, EA is selling Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in a rather strange manner. You could spend $10 to buy the Digital Deluxe edition, which includes the game and its expansion, or buy the main game itself and then the expansion for $20. It goes without saying that if you have interest in this particular title, choose the Digital Deluxe edition.

For BF 3 though, $10 is an absolute steal. If you’ve yet to pick it up but have been interested in it, don’t waste time.

Source: Origin

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