Today’s High-end Graphics Cards Are Hot, But Their Vector Versions Are Downright Sexy

Posted on July 31, 2014 8:30 AM by Rob Williams

As a bit of a tech junkie, and someone who loves performance PC hardware, I get a kick out of looking deep into the design of a new part, whether it be a motherboard, a CPU, a GPU, or so forth. In some ways, the mere design of such a product could be viewed from an artistic standpoint. With the top of our components removed, it’s like we’re looking at little cities, buildings and roads all interconnected to make things work. See? Artistic.

Well, Reddit user and PC Master Race member ThermalRecon has taken that artistic vision to the next level, by spending hours breaking down a handful of graphics cards (naked and not) and turning them into vectorized representations of themselves. Take this naked GeForce GTX 780 Ti, for example:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti - ThermalRecon

In his Reddit thread, ThermalRecon mentions that not everything about these recreations will be accurate. An example of that in the shot above would be the fact that the chip is labeled GM110, when the only “M” (Maxwell) part at the moment is the GTX 750. The upcoming GTX 880 could be labeled GM110, however, and for all we know it might look quite like the 780 Ti under-the-hood.

Here’s a shot of a card with its cooler still on, modeled after GIGABYTE’s Radeon 280X Windforce:

GIGABYTE Radeon 280X Windforce - ThermalRecon

To view the rest of ThermalRecon’s gallery, just head here. No matter the resolution you’re running, these are all able to be resized to fit it perfectly.

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