Tomb Raider on NVIDIA Hardware Stabilizes (a bit) with New Beta Driver

Posted on March 18, 2013 9:00 AM by Rob Williams

If you’re an NVIDIA user who owns Tomb Raider, you’re undoubtedly aware of just how finicky the game has been since its launch. As we reported a couple of weeks ago, none of the issues were apparently in NVIDIA’s control, as the company didn’t receive the final game code quick enough in order to give gamers the day-one experience they’ve come to expect – an unfortunate situation all-around.

Well, while NVIDIA is quick to admit that the game is still not perfect on its hardware, the combination of a new game patch and beta GeForce 314.21 driver improves things tremendously. If you’re not planning on playing Tomb Raider, this driver is essentially useless to you.

Tomb Raider

NVIDIA has had this to say about the latest release:

GeForce gamers have come to expect an awesome Day 1 experience. But in the case of Tomb Raider, that didn’t come to pass. We hadn’t received the game in time to assure them of this – which was disappointing for them and for us.

However, in conjunction with Crystal Dynamics who released a game patch earlier today for Tomb Raider, we have posted a new beta driver, Release 314.21, that helps to improve stability and performance on GeForce GTX GPUs.

If you’ll be giving the game a go with the latest driver, please let us know how to make out!

  • Kayden

    I updated to the GeForce 314.21 Driver and even though my
    minimum FPS went from 28 to 41 and my avrg went from 34 to 49 on the
    benchmark, with the same settings. I gave the gameplay a test run and
    the games FPS still tanks when in combat (when you first encounter
    wolves), I went to the camp fire to save and I was looking at slide show
    from the moment I pressed interact to the point Lara was sitting. Each
    of these events were only giving me a FPS of 1 to 3, even the QTE with
    the wolves was in this state.

    Obviously progress is being made from a benchmark point of view, but the game is still unplayable at best.

    • Rob Williams

      I hope a final fix is out soon. It’s truly ridiculous that people on NVIDIA simply can’t play this game reliably – two weeks after launch.

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