Ubisoft Accounts Compromised: Time to Change Those Passwords!

Posted on July 2, 2013 3:12 PM by Rob Williams

Oi, here we go again. Ubisoft’s been sending out an email blast to customers that hold accounts through its online service, stating that one of its websites was exploited and unauthorized access was granted. The email goes on to state:

During this process, we learned that data had been illegally accessed from our account database, including user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords. Please note that no personal payment information is stored with Ubisoft, meaning your debit/credit card information was safe from this intrusion.

Ubisoft 25 Years

As a result, Ubisoft encourages everyone to log in here to change your password, and it’s heavily suggested that if you happened to use the same password on any other service, to change those as well.

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