UK School Curriculum Overhauled, Introduces Programming Courses

Posted on July 8, 2013 11:25 AM by Rob Williams

Through school, there were few subjects that I outright hated, but Algebra was one of them. I couldn’t fathom how I’d ever take that knowledge and use it in the real-world, and to date, I don’t think I have. There’s one thing I can tell you for certain, though: had programming been part of the curriculum, that would have benefited me, and would have been something I would have enjoyed (based on the fact that I did enjoy it post-school).

School Classroom

It’s for that reason that I’m glad to see that the Department for Education and Skills in the UK has overhauled its curriculum and introduces programming and algorithms. The best part: kids as young as 5 will take part. That’s undoubtedly young, but tasks at that point wouldn’t be difficult, and as they say, kids soak up knowledge like a sponge. In this case, learning about these skills early could truly benefit them later on in life.

At the outset, kids will be required to build and debug a simple application and gain knowledge about the basics of algorithms and how they’re implemented. Later on, networking, learning to use search tools, boolean logic and other advanced skills are introduced.

This updated curriculum goes into place in September, 2014. Let’s hope it catches on.

  • Jamie Fletcher

    They won’t be teaching kids programming at the age of five, however, five-year-olds will be taught fractions as part of the overhaul to the UK curriculum, thus some of the building blocks to maths required for programming.Currently, they barely teach addition and subtraction, never mind multiplication and division at that age. So yes, this is a very welcome and much needed change to the UK education system.

    Mine and later generations of kids leaving school really got the shaft when it came to the quality of our education – I can only look back in disdain at the level and standards that was taught. Oh well, such was the race to the bottom with multiple exam boards competing for contracts with the government’s focus on C-grade and above targets for students.

    I’ll stop there before more diatribe kicks in.

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