Valve Brings Counter-Strike: Source to Linux, Half-Life 2 Likely to Be Next

Posted on February 6, 2013 10:30 AM by Rob Williams

A couple of weeks ago, Valve brought over its first GoldSrc-based games to Linux: Half-Life and Counter-Strike 1.6. With the rapid release of those games happening one after another, it hinted at the fact that the company might be accelerating its roll-out of its entire collection. That meant just one thing: other Source-based games were en route, including Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source. Well, we have the latter one so far, with hopes that the former will trickle out soon.

I had problems with the original Counter-Strike under Linux, where I couldn’t connect to basically any server I tried to. Fortunately, that issue doesn’t exist with the Source game. Testing with the help of a couple of rounds in cs_office, I was left impressed overall, but did experience the occasional hiccup – one that resulted in a death. I am not sure if this is a system problem or something Valve needs to iron out.


For some reason, the chat fonts as seen in the above shot look a little strange when over-top of a light surface. On a dark surface, they look just as they do on the Windows version of the game. While Valve doesn’t consider this Source version of the game to be a beta like the original, it very much is. Expect patches in the future.


In related news, the long-awaited Steam for Linux release of Psychonauts has also arrived. The developer states that while the Linux version is for the most part fine, the Mac version has a lot of work to be done. Again, patches are definitely in this game’s future.

  • Jamie Fletcher

    And a warm fuzzy feeling washes over me; an era has begun where multi-platform isn’t frowned upon as a euphemism for console-port. Sure, it’s early days, but finally, we have a framework in place. Time for Khronos to step up and listen to game developer demands for OpenGL.

    • Rob Williams

      I agree on all points. I can’t help but get excited at the prospect for a future insurgence of games, because it COULD happen. The biggest issue is that the most popular engines don’t support Linux… if the developers behind those take the plunge, then it should be a lot easier for game devs to make the move as well.

      Once HL2 makes it to Linux, I’ll take advantage and play through it again. Been holding off for a good while, and I can’t think of a better excuse to finally do it.

      • Jamie Fletcher

        Maybe this whole Steam Linux thing is why Half-Life 3/ Episode 3 have been left in limbo, getting the engine primed for a true multi-platform endeavour. What a way to introduce those titles with a bang. “Here’s the long awaited Half-Life 2: Episode Three, oh, by the way, it’s launching on Linux too.” – World gasps…

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