Valve Celebrates First Anniversary of Steam’s Greenlight Service

Posted on August 29, 2013 12:23 PM by Rob Williams

One year ago, Valve decided to launch an extension of its service on Steam with ‘Greenlight’, with the goal of giving independent developers their chance to shine – aka: get published on the service. While its implementation has been questioned from the get-go, seeing as those who fish for votes have a greater chance of being chosen for inclusion, there’s no denying that the service has been a great thing for indie games, and their developers.

Steam Greenlight

In addition to the success of this program, Valve this past spring launched another indie-targeted feature called “Early Access” which allows developers to sell their games pre-release, in order to fund them all the way to completion. This is yet another feature that has had garnered some criticism, but to date it seems to have become a relative success, with at least a couple of titles deploying on the program each week.

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