WD’s Black 4TB Caters to You Speed-Lovin’ Storage Buffs

Posted on November 20, 2012 8:00 AM by Rob Williams

Where hard drives are concerned, a “4TB” stamp is no longer that surprising to see, as multiple options have been available for a little while. When we filter out both external enclosures and workstation markets, however, things begin to change. There, options have been just-about non-existent.

But today, we have WD’s latest Black edition (miss the “Caviar” moniker yet?), featuring 7200 RPM speeds and 64 MB of cache, alongside the gamut of well-established WD technologies. This drive follows up nicely to the company’s 4 TB RE enterprise model released in late September, and like that drive, we’re guessing that the latest Black will build its 4 TB with the use of 5x 800 GB platters.

MSRP for WD’s Black 4TB is $339, which at quick check puts it a fair bit above its subsidiary’s 4TB offering. That drive, the HGST H3IK40003272SW, also offers 5x 800GB platters, 7200 RPM speeds and 64 MB cache. It’s currently being sold at Newegg for $279.99 – so where WD’s consumer-bound Black will improve on things to warrant the price-hike, we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Kayden

    As soon as they have 4tb green drives, sign me up for a few! They need to be less then $250 to.

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