What Linux Content Should We Write?

Posted on February 9, 2009 10:01 AM by Rob Williams

Over the weekend, I decided to do a little maintenance on the site, and at the same time, I checked out some of the our categories to see where we need to push a little more focus to. Some categories need more love than others, but when I peeked inside our list of Linux content, I was pretty-much shocked. The last real Linux article we had was in August of 2007, one that took a deep look at how to take full advantage of rsync in order to properly back up your machine. The information there is still completely relevant, so it’s definitely still worth checking out.

One reason I found our lack of recent Linux content a little strange is due to the fact that I run Linux as my main OS, and have for just about three years. So, why I haven’t thought much about writing Linux content in recent months is beyond me, but I’d like that to change. There was a lot to write about back then, and there’s sure a lot more to write about now. To add to things, we have a lot of visitors running Linux, so it’s clear we need to publish some more relevant content for those folk.

So, my simple question is this. If you are a Linux user, or a wannabe Linux user, what type of content would you like most to see on our site? How-tos? Top (5, 10) lists? Distribution reviews? In the past, we’ve published varied content, but every-single article performed quite well, so there seems to be great interest all over the place. One of the most fun articles I had to write was game emulation under Linux, which was probably because it forced me to game a little bit. That article is also still worth checking out if you want to open up vast amounts of opportunity for gaming, or simply want to go back and play a classic console game you grew up with.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to post them in our related thread (found below), and we’ll definitely consider all recommendations. Availability of time will definitely come into play here, but I’ve enjoyed writing Linux content in the past, so I expect that fitting it into my schedule wouldn’t be too difficult. I have been working sporadically on one piece of content that I hope will be posted in the next month, although I won’t talk much about it now. It should be a good one though, and perfectly compliment what has become our number one piece of content of all time (and yes, it’s Linux-related!).


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