Windows 8 Climbs to 7% Marketshare, Windows 7 Remains Dominant with 45%

Posted on September 2, 2013 3:35 PM by Rob Williams

It goes without saying that Microsoft’s forecast for Windows 8 success had been a little off-the-mark, but marketshare of the OS does continue to grow. In Net Applications’ latest report, 7.41% of Web traffic was derived from Windows 8 clients, while Windows 7 remained the top dog with 45.63%. The OS-that-refuses-to-die, also known as Windows XP, encapsulates 33% of the total market. Where overall OSes are concerned, OS X hit 7.3%, and Linux, 1.5%.

Windows 81 Start Screen

With Microsoft’s forthcoming release of Windows 8.1, a free update to those who own Windows 8, it’ll be interesting to see if these usage share numbers will begin to increase at a more rapid rate. While the much-loathed Start screen isn’t being removed in 8.1, this release does fix or add a bunch of things that overall does make the OS a lot better.

While I’ve been called insane for being a firm believer that Windows 8 is a solid OS, I still believe that if you look past the Start screen, or better yet – replace it – then those who truly hate the OS will begin to understand why it’s better. I’m at the point where I couldn’t imagine going back to Windows 7. The polish of 8 is <meme>too damn high!</meme> for that to happen.

  • e550mercedes

    I hate to say it, but Windows 8 has replaced Ubuntu and Mint as my preferred OS, after OS X that is. For the most part, as far as I’m concerned, Windows 8 is primarily Windows 7 with the Metro styled (or what ever it’s called these days?) launcher added. There are other under-the-hood improvements I’m sure, but the fact that I can’t run certain web sites in the Windows 8 version of Explorer, but can with the Windows 7 versions puts a damper on the OS. For one thing, I really love the “Movie Planet” app that puts thousands of full-length movies online for free, but only for Windows 8 users.

    • Steve Baldwin

      One thing Windows 8 does that Windows 7 and previous OS’s didn’t is to handle memory much better. Open the task manager and notice that minimized applications have a drop in memory. This make everything run much faster. Make sure you add the Start menu back and only use the desktop side. Then your Internet explorer will work just like Windows 7 does. The IE inside the metro is kinda like running safari on an iPad.

      • Rob Williams

        There are actually many perks to Win8 like that that I don’t talk about much, because they’re kind of hard to explain. With my MMO for example, I always run two clients at once. Because of Windows 8’s design, I can alt-tab between them -instantly- – on Windows 7, an alt-tab could have taken up to 3 seconds. It’s the little things that make me love Win8.

        • Jamie Fletcher

          So you love the little things, but hate the big things…

          • Rob Williams

            The absolutely only thing I can think of regarding Win8 I don’t entirely care for is the Start screen. But the fact that I haven’t felt compelled to get rid of it has to say something.

  • Matthew Harris

    I see a correlation between dwindling Vista numbers and rising Win 8 numbers. Granted that some could be from PC growth but if you’re looking at the new PC’s with 8, consider that 7 is holding pretty steady while 8 is growing. That would mean that there are as many or more new systems shipping with 7 installed (or being retrofitted to 7) as there are with 8.

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