X2 Adds New SATURN 5.1 to Gaming Headsets Lineup

Posted on January 31, 2014 12:31 PM by J.D. Kane

Not long after it introduced its Aurel headset to the world, X2 has announced the next addition to its audio equipment product line.

The new SATURN real 5.1 surround sound gaming headset is X2’s latest. Designed with “comfort, functionality and genuine gaming pleasure in mind,” the SATURN 5.1 boasts a plethora of features to deliver on that promise.

X2 Saturn Gaming Headset

For instance, X2 has made the SATURN 5.1 lightweight. In most cases, a lighter headset is a more comfortable one to use. The less mass your muscles have to support, the better.

As far as functionality goes, there are three speakers and bass “vibrator” (X2’s term, not ours) in each ear cup to help generate the surround sound effect. There is a high-quality microphone mounted on a flexible stalk. Its specialized downloadable software will also allow the end user to tailor the sound output to his or her specific tastes. Also, the SATURN features an in-line multi-channel audio control unit that offers extensive control over the hardware’s output.

X2 Saturn Gaming Headset - Back

As far as giving the end user “genuine gaming pleasure,” well, the visual presentation starts things off. Clad in a very aggressive (and what gamer doesn’t love aggressive?) black and red color scheme, the SATURN 5.1 is pleasing to the gamer’s eye. We can’t speak to how it sounds (yet), but if this is anything like the Aurel, its X2 stablemate, we’re confident that it will sound good. If the performance meets expectations, then I’d say X2’s design aims are all bull’s-eye hits.

The X2 SATURN 5.1 is now currently available for order. MSRP is $81.95.

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