XBMC 12.0 ‘Frodo’ Released, Adds Support for HD Audio, Live TV, PVR, Android and RPi

Posted on January 30, 2013 9:45 AM by Rob Williams

It hasn’t even been a full year since XBMC 11.0 got pushed out the door, but here we are being greeted to a new major version that really packs a punch. Dubbed “Frodo“, XBMC 12.0 adds features for both high and low-end media needs. For starters, we have HD Audio support (DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD), which is made possible via the brand-new XBMC AudioEngine. In addition, H.264 10-bit, or “Hi10P”, decoding has also been added (popular in the anime scene).


This release isn’t only about new features, but much-welcomed improvements. AirPlay support, for example, has been approved across all platforms, while controller support has been beefed up for Windows and Linux. Other improvements include image support, content filtering and advanced UPnP.

A couple of the biggest features with XBMC 12.0 comes in the form of two new supported platforms: Android and Raspberry Pi. While these platforms have had XBMC builds available for some time, this is the first release where they’re considered “stable” – though with wide-deployment, it’s certain that more bug fixes are in XBMC’s future.

Overall, another stellar XBMC release, and one that you can grab for a multitude of platforms here. If you’re interested in reading a bit more on this release, you can do that here.

  • madmatTG

    Just wanted to say, I’ve installed the Android version on my EVO 4G and it is great. The controls are rather tiny and as such, a bit clumsy to manipulate but the picture quality is outstanding. I also have MX Player on it and this is easily better.

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